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There’s a flaw from Green 2K19 MT

11 Jul 2018 at 15:36
There’s a flaw from Green’s performance in the 121-109 Game 1 win against Portland. It might have been the 2K19 MT only one.Even if that’s slight hyperbole, what more could you 2K18 MT really have asked from Green on Sunday? Take his line: 19 points, 12 rebounds, nine assists, five blocks, three steals, and 6-of-10 shooting. Two more steals, and he would have recorded the 18th five-by-five — at least five of each of the five major counting stats — in NBA history.

Of the previous 17, the most recent one does belong to Green.) One more assist, and he would have added another triple-double to his ledger. For those who ask why Green is still seen as a better player than, say, Paul George, here’s why. He’s the exact opposite of what we’d expect from a "traditional” superstar, who takes 25 shots per game, often creating them by himself. Instead, he just does everything else on the basketball court, and it’s great.Also, don’t try to dunk on him.

Jimmy Butler is the best player in the Celtics-Bulls seriesThe Bulls were in and out of the playoffs throughout the regular season, finding themselves in the No. 8 spot against the No. 1 seed Celtics in the first round. On paper, the top seed should handle the lowest seed with ease, but there is one problem for the Celtics in this series.

Jimmy Butler is the best player on the floor. Butler was doing everything for the Bulls on Sunday and you can imagine he will continue to be that force for the rest of the series. Butler scored 23 of his 30 points in the second half, and 15 points in the fourth quarter, putting the Bulls on his back and leading them to Game 1 win.

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