xingwang : Since the end of the oil dynasty

Since the end of the oil dynasty

16 Apr 2018 at 09:16
The ice hockey emperor Gretzky led the Edmonton Oilers in the 1983-84 season and achieved great results in five years and four crowns. It is a pity that the possible achievement of the five consecutive dominance was lost in 1985-1986. The champion was cut into two sections. That year, the regular season, as usual, as smooth as the oils in the Western Conference finals, unexpectedly lost to the Calgary Flames in a tie-break, Gretzky in the crucial sixth and the In seven games, he stopped the momentum of his consecutive goals. He died and allowed the Oilers to finish the season ahead of schedule. Coincidentally, the Montreal Canucks, who had won the championship from the oils, was the only one in the league. Holder of NHL Coins 5 consecutive dynasty records.

Since the end of the oil dynasty, up to now, for 30 years, two teams have had the chance to attack the Triple Crown players. The Red Wings which won two consecutive championships in the 98-99 season lost 2-4 The avalanche team fell in the league semifinals. In 1993, the reins of the Lifelong Penguin's great scorer led the league in the finals of the league. It seems that the division round is a slam in front of the impact of the Triple Crown team. Take a look at this year's playoffs map. If you can get past the first round opponents of the Philadelphia Flyers, Crosby and his Penguins will play against the Washington Capitals, led by Ovichkin, in the final round. This is a fateful match that is definitely enough for the fans.

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